Dendrobium anosmum

Dendrobium anosmum is one of the well-known spring Dendrobium, stems upright or slightly curved, long oval leaves, winter deciduous. Buds from above the leaves without leaf stem out at the Department, usually each section of flowers 1 to 5; color purple, thick petals texture, strong sandalwood flavor, flowering in the National March-May period. Dendrobium anosmum,... Read More »

Dendrobium stuposum Lindl.

Dendrobium stuposum Lindl. Stem usually erect, succulent, oblong-shaped, lower constricted into thin cylindrical, unbranched, with longitudinal stripes and several nodes. Leaves papery, several, alternate near top of stem, often oblique, oblong. Raceme from the stem of the year with leaf, long 8-15 cm, drooping, dense few to most flowers; Flowers are thin, open during the... Read More »

Den linanianum

Dendrobium (Den linawianum) Red and bright colors, easy to grow easy to live. Strong light, red color.... Read More »

Dendrobium spp.

Dendrobium spp. is the collective name of tropical dendrobium blooming in the autumn in Dendrobium. Because of its flowering flower shaped butterfly, also known as butterfly, its native species are distributed in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and other countries in Oceania, the majority of hybrids for the New Guinea’s tropical species of Dendrobium phalaenopsis... Read More »

Dendrobium signatum

Dendrobium signatum areas: Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, rare species, it is worth collecting. Beauty of color, Scientific name: Dendrobium signatum Producing areas: Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam Plant size: 25 ~ 60 cm Flower diameter: 6 ~ 7 cm Flowering: Spring Flower life: 20 ~ 30 days Odor: None Sunshine: glare Cultivation difficulty: easy Planting environment: natural... Read More »

Dendrobium aurantiacum Rchb.f. var. denneanum

Is a variant of Is a variant of Dendrobium, with the original variant is the difference between the plant is more stout, stems more than 4 mm thick, leaf width 1.8 to 4.5 cm, inflorescence length of 5 to 14 cm, 1.8 to 3 cm long bract, the upper lip Mask A large purple plaque,... Read More »

Dendrobium fimbriatum Hook

Dendrobium fimbriatum Hook (whip Dendrobium) Dendrobium stalks stout, oblique or drooping, texture hard, cylindrical or sometimes slightly above the base spindle-shaped, 50-100 cm long, coarse 8-12 (-20) mm, unbranched, with the majority of nodes, dry Light yellow or light brown, internodes 3.5-4.8 cm, with the majority of vertical groove. Leaves two, leathery, oblong or oblong-lanceolate,... Read More »

Dendrobium hercoglossum Rchb. f.

Dendrobium hercoglossum Rchb. F.: Stem drooping, cylindric or sometimes becoming thicker from above base, with few to many segments. Leaves thinly leathery, narrowly oblong or oblong-lanceolate. Racemes usually several, erupted from fallen old stems of leaves, often 2-3 flowers; flowers spreading, sepals and petals pale pink; petals obovate-oblong, 1.2-1.5 cm long, wide 4.5-7 mm, apex... Read More »

Den.Elassie Stripe ‘Mutation trilip’

Nickname: Den.Elementie Stripe ‘Mutation trilip'( Three-lip mutant streak Dendrobium) Variety: Butterfly Dendrobium Flower diameter: about 5cm Flowering: irregular, temperatures above 15 degrees can flowering Sale specifications: flowering 2-4 stems, moss pots planted, in kind see Figure II Figure III Advantages: Pocket varieties Plant height of about 5-8 cm, suitable for tank support, but also for... Read More »

Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo

Morphological characteristics Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo Is an orchid herb. Stems erect, cylindrical, 9-35 cm long, 2–4 mm in thick, unbranched, with multiple nodes, 1-3-1.7 cm internodes, often 3-5 above middle leaves 3-5 leaves; leaf two , Papery, oblong-lanceolate, 3-4 (-7) cm long, 9-11 (-15) mm wide, apex obtusely and somewhat hooked, base degenerate... Read More »

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