Dendrobium nobile lindl

Dendrobium nobile lindl alias Name orchid, lofty beard, nobile stone, flat nobile, flat yellow grass, flat grass, perennial herbs are blindly commonly used precious Chinese herbal medicines. Hi growth in the warm, humid, half-shade half-Yang environment, annual rainfall of more than 1000 mm, air humidity greater than 80%, the average January temperature above 8 ℃... Read More »

Dendrobium primulinum Lindl.

Morphological characteristics: Dendrobium primulinum Lindl. drooping, thick fleshy, cylindrical, usually 20-35 cm long, 8-13 mm thick, unbranched, with most nodes, internode length 2-2.5 cm. Leaves papery, two-row, alternate throughout the entire stem, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, 8-10.5 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, apex obtuse and unequal 2-lobed, base with papery or membranous Quality of leaf sheaths.... Read More »

Dendrobium parishii

Dendrobium parishii stems obliquely or drooping, stout, cylindrical, lepidic, narrowly oblong, racemes from upper stem of fallen leaves, flowers large, spreading, thin, purple, fragrant, May to... Read More »

Dendrobium chrysotoxum Lindl.

Morphological characteristics Dendrobium chrysotoxum Lindl. is a herbaceous plant. Stems erect, fleshy, spindle-shaped, 6-30 cm long, 1.5-5 cm thick at middle, with 2-5 nodes, with mostly rounded oboviate ribs, golden yellow after drying, 2-5 leaves near top. Leaves leathery, oblong, as long as 19 cm, 2-3.5 cm wide or wider, apex acute and hooked, base... Read More »

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