Beautiful dendrobium spp.

I like growing orchids, especially dendrobium, why? Dendrobium is a species of orchid. Dendrobium is graceful, exquisite and lovely with bright colors and fragrant smell.┬á Dendrobium likes shade and is a good family garden I would like to introduce to you a very beautiful dendrobium´╝îlet’s look at the picture first. Its name is dendrobium... Read More »

My favorite Garden Kneeler and Seat

I grow a few Aglaia odorata in my yard, which are large shrubs.I like to trim the leaves of Aglaia odorata to keep them in the shape of a big ball. They grow very well and quickly.The leaves soon grew untidy.I will spend more than an hour to cut the leaves each time. If I... Read More »

Best sprinkling watering can

I once bought a few watering can, feeling either too small, hold water too little;Either the wall of the can is too thin, the can is easy to explode, and it is not durable, so I am not satisfied with them. Finally, I bought this watering can on amazon, and it has been used for... Read More »

Practical ventilated self-watering planters

Growing flowers at home, often have such trouble. To go out for a few days, not at home, not to water the flowers, or too busy, a few days forgot to water the flowers, the flowers died. Poor control of watering the flowers, too much water, the flowers rotted to death. Is there a solution?Yes,... Read More »

Elegant Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase

Hi,Do you feel the monotony for the empty white walls indoor?And indeed, I have felt the same way.Look at the living room wall always feel something is missing.I came across a picture on the Internet.It looks like this. Aha,I get inspired,Install several Hanging Planter Vase on the wall,And plant some flowers,That would be great! So... Read More »