Practical ventilated self-watering planters

Growing flowers at home, often have such trouble.

  • To go out for a few days, not at home, not to water the flowers, or too busy, a few days forgot to water the flowers, the flowers died.
  • Poor control of watering the flowers, too much water, the flowers rotted to death.

Is there a solution?Yes, look at this planter.

It is a kind of Self Watering + High Drainage + Aerating Ventilation Deep Saucer Round Planter Pot is very good to solve these problems.
How does it do that?

  • This Planter Pot is composed of a Planter and a Deep Saucer, Deep Saucer can hold water. The bottom of the Planter has hollow legs reach down into the reservoir, allow the soil itself to draw moisture naturally. The water of Deep Saucer can last for 2 weeks.
  • Very good tray bottom ventilation design, the hollow legs at the bottom of the planter will be lifting the plant above the water, do not let the water soak soil,coupled with the bottom of the planter has a lot of open slats, is very conducive to the air circulation of the planter soil.Effectively avoid root rot.
  • Excellent drainage design. The hollow legs at the bottom of the flower tray will lift the bottom of the tray out of Deep Saucer surface, and the excess water will flow out from the bottom of the flower tray quickly. If too much water is poured, the excess water will flow out from the top of the Deep Saucer, without waterlog.

All of these features are made better than the enclosed self-watering flower dish.Can keep your plants healthy growing.
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