Best sprinkling watering can

I once bought a few watering can, feeling either too small, hold water too little;Either the wall of the can is too thin, the can is easy to explode, and it is not durable, so I am not satisfied with them. Finally, I bought this
watering can on amazon, and it has been used for nearly two years, and it is still fine. I feel very satisfied with it.

This watering can has these advantages:

  • It is made of new environment-friendly PE material, anti-freeze, anti-crack, durable, thickened, non-deformation, wear-resistant.

  • You can rotate the nozzle to adjust the atomization/water column state to meet your different spray requirements.

  • The lid of the kettle is equipped with explosion-proof device. After exceeding the safe air pressure, the exhaust valve will exhaust automatically.

  • Large capacity, can hold 2L of water, many plants can be one-time watering.

  • Large pressure rod, high pumping efficiency, easy to hold, easy to press.

This is a good-looking, super durable, lightweight and convenient watering can that’s worth buying and using for a long time. Click here for more review.